Public Deliverables

Experimental results of dual source heat (D4.6) - 12 April 2021

Experimental results will show the effectiveness of the chosen supercoolers. A comparison between the chosen supercoolers and common used coolers will be made.


Validation of the self-diagnosis efficiency system (D6.3) - 28 Feb 2021

This report describes the experimental validation of a fault detetction and diagnosis (FDD) method within the TRI-HP project.

Social acceptance of innovative RE H/C systems: barriers, hindrances, drivers and incentives (D2.2) - 28 Feb 2021

The report will provide the empirical findings on key iussues of societal acceptance of TRI-HP systems in CH, DE, ES, NO.


Economic assessment of TRI-HP solutions (D1.4) - 20 Jan 2021

Preliminary economic assessment of the proposed solutions, based on:
- Commercial information for parts in which no development is foreseen.
- Target cost for the development to be carried out in the Project.


Experimental results of a tri-partite gas cooler (D4.3) - 30 Oct 2020

Experimental campaign dedicated to the performance of the gas cooler at various operation points. Tested methods and results will be reported. Potential improvements will be mentioned in the deliverable.


Summary of testing results (D3.5) - 21 Aug 20

Experimental campaign dedicated to the performance of the gas cooler at various operation points. Tested methods and results will be reported. Potential improvements will be mentioned in the deliverable. 


Technical, economic and environmental performance KPIs definition (D1.2) - 02 Mar 2020

Definition of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the calculation method: - Technical Performance KPIs - Economic Performance KPIs - Environmental Performance KPIs.


Social issues of novel RE heating and cooling systems (D2.1) - 10 Dec 2019

This report provides the results of  a state of the art analysis of regulatory issues and on key issues of societal acceptance of Renewable Energy technologies, focusing on societal impacts of renewable energy technologies for heating, cooling and electricity generation for different groups of actors, including a gender perspective.


Energy demands for multi-family buildings in different climatic zones (D1.1) - 10 Dec 2019

Definition of energy demands for reference multi-family buidlings in space heating (SH) dominated and space cooling (SC) dominated climates to be used in the simulation framework developed in Task 1.3.

Journal Articles

Heat transfer and pressure drop of supercritical CO2 in brazed plate heat exchangers of the tri-partite gas cooler

Authors: Alireza Zendehboudi, Zuliang Ye, Armin Hafner, Trond Andresen, Geir Skaugen

A review of the fault behavior of heat pumps and measurements, detection and diagnosis methods including virtual sensors

Authors: Bellanco, Ivan & Fuentes, E. & Vallès, Manel & Salom, Jaume

Natural refrigerant heat pumps for residential buildings

Authors: Daniel Carbonell Sanchez, Mihaela Dudita, Alireza Zendehboudi, Xabier Peña Anton, Maike Schubert, Spyridon Pantelis

Conference Papers

Investigation of icephobic coatings for supercooling heat exchangers

Conference: HEX 21 Fouling and Cleaning Conference, June 6 - 11, 2021, Wagrain, Austria

Authors: Ricardo LOSADA, Jens R. FRANDSEN, Frances H. BLAIKIE, Daniel CARBONELL

DISEÑO DE BOMBA DE CALOR REVERSIBLE DUAL CON REFRIGERANTE NATURAL PARA EDIFICIOS DE ENERGÍA CASI NULA (Design of dual resversible heat pump with natural refrigerant for near Zero Energy Buildings)

Conference: VII CONGRESO EDIFICIOS ENERGÍA CASI NULA (VII Near Zero Energy Buldings Congress)  

Authors: Laura Alonso, Xabier Peña, Jon Iturralde, Carol Pascual

Unterkühlung auf glas-artigen Metalloberflächen

Conference: German Refrigeration Congress (DKV Tagung), 18 - 20 November 2020 online

Authors: Sebastian Gund, Oliver Schmid, Vincent Heimrich, Michael Kauffeld

TRI-HP Heat Pump Systems for Heating and Cooling with Photovoltaic and Natural Refrigerants

Conference: Wärmepumpen und Kältetechnik des Bundesamts für Energie (BFE), 22 June 2022, Burgdorf

Authors: Raphael Gerber, Daniel Carbonell, Kevin Erb, Maike Schubert, Ivan Bellanco