Advanced Control

TRI-HP systems will include advanced controls, managing electricity, heat and cold in a way that optimizes the performance of the system and increases its reliability via failure self-detection.

Model predictive control

The advanced energy management (AEM) system will be based on the development of a model predictive control (MPC) leading to energy savings in the range of 15–20% in cases where the heat pumps is integrated into a smart grid.  This will allow to activate energy flexibility and optimize heat pump operation.

Efficiency Drift Self Diagnosis

In order to maintain acceptable levels of energy efficiency over the lifetime of the system, we will develop efficiency drift self-diagnosis methods based on learning algorithms that are able to detect a drift of the optimal performance of the system resulting from commonly overlooked mechanical faults, component aging or changes in the way of operating the system. This will improve system efficiency by at least 1.5% per year.